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Do you feel like a "Social Outcast"?

So much investment in pretending

So much energy used to keep your walls up

Such great acting skills to make others believe you have everything under control, that you feel good and confident with yourself all the time...

In this society is not about celebrating the uniqueness of each individual cooperating with each other.   This society is about who is the best actor, who plays the best role, who can pretend better.

The person who chooses to be honest and chooses to be who they truly are no matter what, will soon realize that she /he does not fit in that society. 

Because the society game it's about acting and doing everything you can to avoid being your True Self. To avoid letting the real person out. Thus we have a sick society.

A Healthy Community or Society

is where the uniqueness of each individual that is part of that group is celebrated, appreciated, nurtured and reinforced.

Where each person in that group knows their place and knows their strength and weaknesses, in that way they all work with (not against) each other,  as a harmonious organism that interacts and exchanges energy, ideas, feelings, creativity,  and a vision with the intention of a common result/creation/solution - With “The best interest for the whole” in mind. 

If you want and need more support for yourself in this area, please check out:


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