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You are Not Here to Be Anything Other than Yourself

You are not here to be anyone else other than YOURSELF.

You are not a copy of anything or anyone else.

There is literally no one else on this planet exactly like you.

Do you know what that means?

Do You know your uniqueness?

Social Conditioning has been designed to make you a copy.

To make you want to be "like someone else" or "everyone" else.

You have been trained and brained washed to be "like celebrities" or now so called "influencers" etc.,

or you end up being a copy of one of your parents or grandparents… or anyone else that is not you.

Conditioned to be like ANYONE ELSE BUT YOUR TRUE SELF, your unique self.


If you get to be your True Self, that means that you get to know your true power.

That means that you get to remember that you are BORN A FREE INDIVIDUAL and Co-creator.

We have created a sick society, thus every single human born on this earth has been wounded at some point and trained into being sick, trained into behaving, thinking and feeling in sick ways and call it NORMAL.

We have normalized sickness. We have normalized inhumane treatment to other humans and animals. We have normalized cancer, depression, suicide, obesity, insomnia, taking pills to sleep, taking pills to “calm down”, taking pills to have sex, taking pills “as (so called medicine)", taking pills to numb our feelings… Poor people living and dying on the street, animals dying on the street (for those who live in some “developed countries”, yes in many other countries, those we call "developing" or "underdeveloped", you just see animals dying or abandoned by the side of the road).

These are only some examples of what we have normalized… We have had everything upside down in society.

You have forgotten that you are born a free creator, that you are an unique seed just like every unique flower and plant on Earth.

We naturally forget certain truths when we are born into this life, and that has been part of the whole experience. BUT you are having a harder time remembering and staying true to your authentic self because of the amount of distractions, numbing experiences, legal and illegal drugs and trying to fit in a sick and fake society because of the amount of brain washing, control, manipulation and keeping you sick strategies… .

When you fall into this trap, it is 1.000.000 times harder for you to REMEMBER & RECONNECT with your true self. For you to remember that you are free, that you have the right to be free and you have the right to CHOOSE your life (as long as you are NOT hurting or destroying another's life, as long as you are respecting other living things).

NOT everyone wants the SAME , not everyone has the same dreams… Not everyone wants to create the same and even less in the same way as anyone else…

Society trains you into wanting the same, doing the same, thinking the same and feeling the same as “everyone else” without even questioning it.

Society trains you to BE A COPY.

The “awakening” process only means that you start seeing society for what it is.

That your start to see all the distractions that have been given to you.

When you start to see the level of manipulation, lies and brain washing from mainstream media and propaganda.

When you start to look at YOURSELF instead of OTHERS.

When you start to take time to sit with yourself, and feel and connect with your body and your breath.

When you start to connect with Nature again.

When you start to realize that there is something very wrong about the WAY we have been living life in the history of the world as we know it.

When you start to pay attention and to listen to your intuition and listen to your inner wisdom to choose for YOUR life instead of letting others rule and decide for you.

You take responsibility for YOUR own health, decisions, energy, actions, thoughts, emotions, growth, maturity, pain, wounds, healing, path….

Taking responsibility for Your Self & Your Life does not mean To Blame Yourself and make yourself a victim.

It is the opposite of being a victim.

When you take conscious responsibility for everything I just mentioned, you are standing in YOUR POWER.

That is what will give you REAL Freedom.

REAL Freedom goes hand in hand with Personal Responsibility. There is no escape from responsibility. You can only have real freedom when you take full responsibility for your life, your happiness and unhappiness.

- E.Y.P


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