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All treatments are customized for your unique needs in person or online - English or Spanish -

  The amount of sessions you will need to resolve a specific issue, depends on your specific case and pace.

Each person is treated as a WHOLE and unique individual in order to obtain



One to One Session
- In person or Online -

One to one sessions are customized treatments for your specific conditions and needs.

We combine the various therapeutic techniques to find the root of the issue/s to be able to HEAL.

You can be assisted, helped and supported with any issue or problem you may have in your life.

Such as, anxiety - depression - addictions - negative habits - lack of self-esteem and confidence - sleeping problems - confusion - unhealthy lifestyle - indecision - overthinking - childhood traumas - fears... 

If you are in doubt of whether you can be helped with your specific issue, please feel free to send and e-mail with your question/s.

Stress Management 

In today's world, negative stress is getting stronger and stronger every day.


Affecting all humans, regardless of gender, culture, profession and age.  It has been linked to many physiological, mental and emotional conditions.  Some common conditions related to long term stress are anxiety, mood swings, frustration and depression.


- Besides affecting your emotional and mental state,  stress affects your Musculoskeletal System, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Endocrine System, Gastrointestinal System, Nervous System, Reproductive System and Immune System - APA.


By dealing with the emotions related to stress, we are able to release and heal different subconscious beliefs that are affecting your overall life.  In this way you will be able to manage life situations, challenges and changes in a healthier way.  As you make these healthy changes, you will also see improvement in your physical conditions.


Mindfulness Class

These are private classes offered ONLINE and in various beautiful natural locations where we practice Mindfulness with the support of NATURE. 

ALL Levels | Up to 45 minutes

1 person: 280tt / 45us$

2 to 4 ppl: 400tt / 60us$

Mindful Eating
Personalized Course

Mindful Eating  Final Cover 3(1).png

Based on the same perspective of the e-book, only that these sessions are customized to your specific needs.

During the course, you will learn different self-help resources to find your unique & healthy body, to let go of emotional eating and to change negative habits into helpful ones to make lasting changes.

By creating a healthy lifestyle and reinforcing Self-esteem and Self-discipline, you will have the support to maintain your healthy weight.


Simple and practical eating tips

Customized Hypnosis Programming Sessions

Physical Exercise Class

Relaxation Techniques

Weight Management

Mindfulness Practice

Mindful Eating Practice with a healthy snack

Self-Help tools

New ed. of the Mindful Eating E-book


8 Weeks, one Class per Week.


Duration of classes: 1hour to 2 hours.

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"A refreshing approach to weight management.

Mind over matter is the key.

Within the 8 weeks plus no conventional diet,

10 lbs lost"

- Charmien Almandoz

68 years old

Trinidad & Tobago


"This program did for me exactly what it promised to do, which was to make me think about what I was eating and why I ate what I did, when I did. That focus has enabled me to make changes for the better.
Evy is extremely dedicated and sincere in her desire to help her clients improve their physical and mental well-being.

The program covered a lot of ground in seeking out the root causes of poor eating
habits and I learned techniques for relaxation and getting to sleep which have been very helpful.

I would recommend this program to anyone".

Andrew R. Kerr - Barrister & Solicitor

57 years old

ON, Canada


Mindful Eating Course
Groups Program

Seasonal Workshop based on the E-book

It consists of 8 classes once per week

Minimum of 4 ppl.

Offered in Person & Online