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Hybrid Mindful Eating Program
Stay tuned for 2024 dates!!
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The 2023 Mindful Eating Program is NOW Closed.

Stay in tuned for 2024 dates!

Make sure to subscribe to the mailing list so you can know exactly when the program will start and save your place.

There is always a limited number.


This Program is NOT For Your IF:

- You want a "quick easy fix"

- You Only care about How You would LOOK.

This Program IS FOR YOU IF:

- You have tried all types of diets and non have really worked for you.
- You don't want to be constantly worrying about your weight, body image and about what you are eating or not eating...
- You are tiered of the constant cycle of losing weight and gaining it back.
- You are tired of feeling LACK OF ENERGY, LACK OF MOTIVATION, LACK OF OR ALMOST NO DISCIPLINE IN YOUR LIFE when it comes to self-care.
- You want to feel Good IN YOUR UNIQUE BODY.
- You are looking for LASTING & POSITIVE CHANGES in your eating, thinking & exercising habits!
-  You are ready to create the healthy lifestyle that works FOR YOU.
-  You are ready to take your Self Love & self-care practice to a deeper level.
- You are ready to COMMIT WITH YOURSELF AND YOUR HEALTH, and make it a priority.
- You want to Let go of extra Physical &/or Emotional weight.

- You want to have a healthier relationship with your Body, with food and Yourself and be able to eat what you want.

- You want to build a stronger Self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth.

- You want to FEEL good, content and healthy in YOUR UNIQUE BODY

In the 8 weeks you will learn:

- How to find your specific way of eating that works for YOU based on Your unique characteristics, natural tendencies and needs...

-  Self-help & Self-care daily Tools to MAINTAIN YOUR HEALTHY & UNIQUE BODY for the rest of your life

- How to listen to your body's needs when it comes to what foods to eat and how much

- How to create discipline in your life.

- How to choose the right foods for you.

- How to start feeling comfortable & content in your body.

- How to build a strong and healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.

Charmian Almandoz

"A refreshing approach to weight management.Mind over matter is the key.Within the 8 weeks plus no diet, 10 lbs lost! "

Take a look at the video below for the Origin Story of the Program to get more info about what this Program is about and where I am coming from.

The Origin Story of The Mindful Eating Program by Evy.


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