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Relationship between

Priorities - Boundaries & Discipline

-Extract from a Full Masterclass-

As women we share specific collective wounds that men can not understand nor relate to, from where they stand.


Only women in the body of a woman can feel these things because we have been experiencing them for generations.


Emotions and traumas are stored in our body.  They become memories IN OUR BODY. Thus we carry them with us until we are ready to HEAL & RELEASE THEM.


I was born a woman and I know what it feels like.  I have gone through a lot of those collective wounds and I have made it to the other side. 

I have helped so many of my clients to get through these wounds and start creating something new.


These professional and personal experiences have given me a very good understanding and in deep knowledge of how to start healing ourselves from those shared wounds. 


One of the most helpful things we can do is to share and listen with open minds and open hearts, with compassion and acceptance, opening and creating a non-judgemental space for each other. 

Being honest with our vulnerabilities as humans and as women.


We need to be willing to see these wounds and traumas honestly for us to be able to FREE ourselves from their control over our lives and behaviors.





  • Boundaries

  • Discipline

  • Self-Love

  • Emotional Health / Education (guilt, anger, sadness...)

  • Mental Strength (focus)

  • Women’s collective pain

  • Self-parenting


How do we start to get a hold on our mind with this simple Mindfulness practice

I am sharing this video that was made for a Free event on May 2022

Help & Support To Release Stress & Anxiety
*The more you listen to it, the more it will help you to Reconnect with your Inner Peace*

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