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Writers Corner

Writings about:

Healing - Love - Life - Personal & Spiritual Growth - Consciousness - InterConnectedness - Nature

Writers Corner was created in March 2024 as a space for those who love books, art, writing, magic. journaling, and they haven't found a place where to publish their writings.

Here we welcome poetry, short stories, personal essays, e-books, stories through photography or paintings.

You will also find Evy's Poetry and articles here.

In this section you will find self-help articles. 

Writings about healing, consciousness, psychology, awakening, personal and spiritual growth.


The space is now open for submissions from fellow healers, light workers, artists, who wish to share their perspectives in writing as well.

Contact us with your proposal or idea of what you want to share that is aligned with the topics you see in this website.

Write down "Writers Corner Entry" in the subject of the email.

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