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Evy Y. Parkinson Founder & Teacher.
Becoming Writer/Author.
Woman, Healer.
Former Transformational Therapist & Hypnotherapist.

Welcome to this space which has been created for you to find the change and healing you have been looking for.

My purpose here is to help as many people as possible to heal and to be able to live a healthier and happier life in the most natural way possible.

Many years ago I had a profession in dentistry. I was a dental ceramist, and later on I inherited my father's Dental Lab. 

I was the Owner, Director and Ceramist of the business for over a year which allowed me to make money, pay for my psychology degree and other courses related to psychology/therapeutic modalities.

The money was "very good" but I was totally unhappy doing something I did not love.

There were so many times were I would burst into tears with feelings of frustration and even desperation in the middle of my work, asking myself "why am I doing this? I can't do this anymore...."

To then, remember why I was doing it.  I was doing it to pay for my studies and training to do what I actually WANTED. 

That dentistry profession was allowing me to pay for many things that were preparing me and helping me get to the place where I wanted, which it was to be a therapist/psychologist.

After I completed my BSc. in Psychology. I literally sold every equipment from the lab, say "good bye and thank you" to all my dentists clients and jumped into my first Hypnotherapist Certificate training in Florida, USA. 

It was a leap of faith and a big financial change and challenge.  As I was starting a new career as a self employed therapist/hypnotherapist, it took some time to start getting clients and start making money. 

I spent all my savings in my studies and life expenses while I was doing that. 

Then, I was blessed enough that my parents could support me with some financial help while I was starting my own business from 0...

I always knew it was a big risk. But if you don't jump and take some risks by leaving your comfort zone for the things you truly love, then you will never win things that truly matter to your heart.  

The level of reward that you feel when you are doing what you truly love has no comparison to whatever amount of money you can earn doing something you don't love.

That was the beginning of my career as a therapist/healer, and I haven't stopped learning, developing new skills and growing.

I also chose to learn from observing different cultures, traveling and interacting with people from different backgrounds and lifestyles.
I have lived, studied and worked in Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Qatar, Florida and Barcelona, Spain...  And traveled to many other places.

The choice to ALSO learn from moving and traveling, has given me the type of experience you don't get in academic settings.
It has given me a broader understanding of humans, their behavior, their energy , their mental states and emotions.

​I was born in Venezuela and lived there until I was 19yrs old, thus I am fluent in both English and Spanish and I offer therapy in both languages.

​I have been practicing the Martial Art of Tai Chi & Qigong since 2010 and it is a major influence on how I maintain my overall health, how I treat my clients and how I customize the therapy. 

This practice has taught me what MINDFULNESS REALLY IS & The Power of Being PRESENT.

I am a book lover and a writer.

My first book is Mindful Eating - Connect to your Body Through Awareness -.  You can get your FREE Copy

You can also find various articles here on the
Blog where you can get insights and helpful tips for YOUR PATH.

I am also an activist when it comes to raising Consciousness & Awareness about the way we treat each other and the Planet.

Earth is our HOME.  Home to ALL living things -

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And from the ashes
The Phoenix rises
Majestic, Stronger than ever before
                                             Once more...
- E.Y.P -

Certifications and Study Experience

Master in Clinical Hypnotherapy,  BSc in Psychology, EFT Practitioner, Tai Chi and Qigong practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, Assistant Certificate in Shiatsu.
Self-taught, constant Personal Development, Observation and Study of the human Mind, Emotions and Behavior since 2000.


Graduated from:​

Awakenings Institute. USA, 2012
U.W.I. Trinidad & Tobago, and Atlantic International University. USA, 2013
The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy. USA, 2013
Escuela Oficial de Hypnosis. Spain, 2015
Escuela de Shiatsu de Barcelona. Spain, 2015
Tai Chi Institute of Trinidad & Tobago, 2017

Member of the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists, Spain

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About Harmoniousinfinity

This space, and the variety & quality of the services that you will find here, have been developing and improving since 2013 with a lot of work and love.

The main purpose of the website is to offer a worldwide service to help others to help themselves in a professional and humane way.

The essence and the philosophy of Harmoniousinfinity is to MAINTAIN a harmonious balance between the physical and the spiritual "worlds".

To always find or remember your still center no matter what's happening in the "outside". In the constant changing world ..

We stay consciously connected to the infinity of ALL THAT IS. The infinity of the universe and energy.

Being aware and conscious of that still center within you at the same time that you are experiencing and living your life as a human being in this physical world.

We don't neglect either one!

We bring the depth of the internal/the invisible/the infinite and apply it in our physical life .

This action is constant as we keep growing and walking our Life.

I hope you can relate and feel the truth in your Heart..

As the truth can only be felt in the Heart.

The mind will always have a way to trick you or distract you from that Truth.

"The name Harmoniousinfinity was created by connecting  two words: Harmonious and Infinity.  When those two words connect, the word “Sinfin” is formed within the two. “Sin fin” means endless in Spanish. As soon as I saw the Spanish word contained in the other two, AND with that meaning, the decision was made. That is how the name was created"

Values of Harmoniousinfinity
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