"I had some physical and mental problems, and I took the chance to have a few sessions with therapist Evy Parkinson.

The work went very deep and every time after the session I felt facilitated, light and happy.

Without pushing, Evy was guiding me to that inside point, where I could perceive, feel, accept and release the root of my problem.

I always felt in professional and loving hands".


- Carmen Danzer


"I stopped pulling my hair and now I know the reasons why I used to do it. Now I can catch myself before I do it, I know is under my control. The need and the craving is not there anymore, not only of pulling my hair but also of what I eat.

I have made positive changes in my overall life thanks to the work we have done.


Thank you so much".


- Nikki C.

Trinidad & Tobago

   "Thank you so much for this opportunity; it was a new and gratifying experience.  The hypnosis sessions have helped me to relax and to fall sleep much easier now.  It has awaken a great interest in me for meditation to get to know my inner self, harmonize my emotions and live with a more positive attitude.


Thanks to the practice of Tai Chi I felt a sensation of mental clarity and tranquility, filling up my body with vitality and energy at the same time.

Thanks for the Mindful Eating advice where we see the importance of being conscious of the relation between health and diet.

Everything has been of help to live a healthy and harmonious life.  They were three days of learning and I would love to participate in any other courses you offer".

**Translated from Spanish**


- Fatima Castillo C.


 Holistic Program


This program did for me exactly what it promised to do, which was to make me think about what I was eating and why I ate what I did, when I did. That focus has enabled me to make changes for the better.
Evy is extremely dedicated and sincere in her desire to help her clients improve their physical and mental well-being.

The program covered a lot of ground in seeking out the root causes of poor eating
habits and I learned techniques for relaxation and getting to sleep which have been very helpful.

I would recommend this program to anyone".

- Andrew R. Kerr - Barrister & Solicitor

57 years old

ON, Canada

Mindful Eating Program

"Evy's service was excellent and professional. I got a feeling of a new born baby with the session".
- A. Sudheesh

"I have made incredible changes in my overall life.  I am more relaxed at all times and don't worry about small things anymore"




"I have never been so relaxed in my whole life, just with one session of Hypnosis, my mind slowed down and allows me to see everything clearer now"




"This is amazing, something has awakened in me that I forgot it was there.  I am full of energy.  This is like magic"



From Doha, Qatar.

Stress Management


**They have approved to share, however prefer to remain anonymous for personal reasons.

"Thank you for this! I feel very empowered and hopeful moving forward with the tools I learned today"
- Anastasia Hudson
The Magic of Wholeness Workshop
September 2017, Tobago.

"I loved your book for its simple message, easy process, and plain language ... The message was clear, succinct and educational. 

You have done a great job of writing and putting your advanced wellbeing message out there. Well done Evy"



Rocky Krogfoss

New Beginnings Therapy.  Canada.

- Mindful Eating E-book 

"A refreshing approach to weight management.

Mind over matter is the key.

Within the 8 weeks plus no conventional diet,

10 lbs lost"

-- Charmien Almandoz

68 years old

Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago

Mindful Eating Program