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Embracing the new parts of Yourself

Those ghosts from the past will hold on as long as they can, they will hold on as hard as they can and they will stay as long as we give them something to hold on to.

They are known to us, they are familiar, in a way they represent “love” for us because they were our home once. But that home no longer serves us, that home no longer serves the new you, the parts of you that are growing.

We have to let go of the fear of becoming our next version, our better more authentic self in the next step of life. The fear makes us hold on to those phantoms, to make us feel safe and at home. Home is in our hearts all along. Home is in our silence, in our stillness, in our centre.

Everything else outside is constantly changing and the change that we need to allow for us to grow into our real selves, is the constant letting go of what we are not.

Life is change. It is a reality that the mind and ego do not like. And so it resists the natural flow of change.

The problem is that if we do not go willingly with that natural change then we suffer, we are in constant stress and in a constant flight or fight response. Because change is inevitable in this reality of form, so whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not , whether we choose to participate in the flow or not, things will still move and change. Because that is life.

Life is meant to feel as if you are in constant change. When you stop doing that, you feel dead/depressed inside and/or stuck , the reason is because LIFE is that constant change. That is why you can get to a place of not feeling alive, feeling depressed with no energy to live your life...

We stop the natural flow of life with our mind and our fears.

This is why is so important to do healing work, inner work. That means releasing all that does not serve you anymore. Believes and wounds that you are carrying from childhood. Fears that have been picked up in the past. Pains and hurts that you have not released.

What happens is that when we do not release those past wounds with the proper healing work, the mind and ego take over to "protect" you, and that is when you start listening to those old limiting and false beliefs and to all your fears.... then you go back to behaving the same way and creating the same as the past.

When you do the inner work then you can embrace those new parts of yourself and that natural change that comes with life. Then you are not resisting what happens, you are willingly participating in the constant change of your life and yourself.

There is always the right support for you when you are ready to step into REAL HEALING and REAL LOVE.

With love and service,



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