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Insights after the Free event for Women

I always have fun having these meetings with women to talk about "our issues" and finding solutions :)


I always get insights and new input from them. Thank you for that, thank you for participating and sharing. That is how we grow, and there is a reason why I am starting to facilitate these meetings more often...


I got a couple of comments about maybe doing a workshop or a meeting where we could include those men who want to support women better and in a healthier way. For those men who truly care for the women in their life and want to learn more about how to understand them and support them better.

Because most of us have at least ONE man in our life who cares and is really interested in listening and learning more about women and women's needs.


I do know that there are a lot of men out there that are like this, and I am blessed enough to know a few and to have a few in my life.


So, I got an idea from those comments and thoughts that were brought to my attention that day, and I hope I get some good amount of data on this.


Here it is:


I got the idea of asking women to please share with me at least one thing that you would want those men to know how to support you or understand you better. At least 1 thing that for you it will mean a lot if those men around you could do or know.


For example, my suggestion will be for them to have more sensitivity when it comes to women's feelings and emotional state, because we women feel everything at the same time, and that is something a man cannot understand in his reality because we are built differently.


We can get emotionally overwhelmed more often than a man for example, because of the amount and the many different "feelings or emotions" we can sense or feel at the same time... whether we are aware of it or not....


At the same time, we women have to do our part in our healing so we can have a better and healthier emotional state where we can clearly and healthily communicate those emotions... BOTH sides need to do their part by healing.


And what I am doing with women is helping them with their side of healing and releasing insecurities, because the amount of insecurities that we can have, will be always and inevitably affecting all of our relationships and we will be taking things personally, and in many occasions we will take things the wrong way, and it is because of our wounding and not necessarily because a man (in this example) is offending us or trying to oppress or control us...


For us to be able to recognize one from the other. We have to heal. 

We have to stand in our power feeling free to be who we are and free to express WHO we truly are.

We have to love and accept ourselves. We have to respect and value ourselves. We have to do that ourselves, we cannot expect anyone else to give it to us when we are not giving it TO Ourselves (as well or first).


When we are in that process, we can then ask (in a healthy way) for what we need from those men around us who truly care and want to support us in our flight, our life, our dreams, our service or whatever we are doing.

We can also learn how to support them better as well...

(I know what you are thinking, that you already do or have!... More on that in another time :D!).


Please reply to with one thing you would like those men around you to consider, know or do so they can have a better idea of how to support those women around him.

-Please write in the subject of the email "Women's Event Insight"-


I will then write an article about it or I will make a video, whichever feels right at the moment I gather all the information. 


And thank you so much to those who brought that to my attention because it has given me this idea that I really like!! Let's see how it goes!

With Love & Gratitude,


NOTE: Part 2 is Coming the 20th of JULY.

If you were not able to assist the 1st one. NO Worries! You will get the recordings of it when you purchase your ticket for the 2nd one!!


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