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Female and Male Energies. Lets stop the fight

We all have female and male energies, just like we all have left and right brain hemispheres.

Now, the interesting and tricky part of it is to find harmony between them; to embrace both. As an individual, as a whole human being you are able to feel and embrace the feminine and the masculine regardless of your gender.

If we put our gender aside for a moment, we will be able to see both sides in an objective way. Now, that is for you if you want to do the experiment yourself.

Today I am sharing what I have found with my experiment and observation which can be helpful for you as an individual, whether you are in a relationship or not. It will help you understand the other side better and to understand and accept yourself more.

First of all, both sides have beautiful things to appreciate. The female energy tends to be sensitive, intuitive, caring, soft, passive, receptive. The male energy tends to be active, logic, rational, to the point, direct, also caring (in a different way), mostly focused in what it has in hand at the moment.

When I observe men and women working in harmony, whether in a romantic, work or friends relationship; they are in harmony because they both accept and embrace their attributes, they play to their strengths and most importantly they allow the other to do the same…

There are a lot of jokes around the world about the woman being the boss and the woman telling the man what and how to do things; lets begin by laughing about it and move on…

The truth is that each one has their own way of doing things, they each have their own logic and view of how to do something and each one is right in their own view, each view is valid. So the challenge is to step aside for a moment and let the other do their thing in their own way, the challenge is to trust.

Now, to be able to do this we have to embrace our own energies… A lot of women out there live in a constant battle with themselves because of all the emotions we feel, the hormones going crazy, the insecurities and if I go deeper all the unconscious collective energy we have accumulated in the history of humanity (women being killed, raped and silenced just because they were women), now that is a whole other article on itself.

Going back to the point; women need to start appreciating and respecting their unique, caring and intuitive female energies; no matter what and no matter whom; embrace it and celebrate it. Those same things that you feel ashamed of are the same things that will make you a whole mature woman if you only embrace them. At the same time you have male energies too, and probably you have subconsciously tried to be more like a man so you are accepted out there in the world. Accept those male energies too but find the harmony between both energies. Remember we all have both energies within ourselves.

For men is the same. Men need to embrace their female energies, men can also be sensitive, intuitive, passive and caring. As men embrace those attributes and harmonize them with the male rational, logic and active energy; they will also be and feel whole and mature.

Now, as an individual regardless of your gender; you may have more of one energy than the other. The idea is to find out for yourself which energy you have been repressing or hiding more and allow it to be. Find out both sides within yourself and see which one needs attention and acceptance; in this way you will be able to be in harmony with both energies; becoming a richer, more expanded and more fulfilled human being.

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