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Happiness is an Inside Job


Find Contentment, Joy & Peace within 💜🌱

I remember the first time I read a book from Buddha

I was a young teenager .

And one thing I read that stayed with me forever,


"look inside and you will find everything you need or that you are looking for... (I'm paraphrasing...) everything is inside of yourself.... "

And I LITERALLY looked down towards my chest trying to understand what the hell did he mean by "look inside" !

....... I did this because I have already read that same "advice" from other spiritual teachers in other books, so this time it really stayed and that is why I was looking towards myself (but with my physical eyes)...

I am NOT kidding, although I laugh at myself a lot when I remember this story!

In time, we understand...

If we keep looking, if we keep trying to understand...

If we keep taking our attention inwards and make self discovery and self knowledge a PRIORITY

You cannot be truly happy with yourself if you do not know yourself, if you do not try to understand Yourself.

Happiness is Not "out there" "somewhere or with someone".

Happiness is found in the moment.

Happiness or Contentment is simple.

It is not complicated . It is not accumulating things ..

It is work , honestly...

It is real Inner work...

We need real Inner work to really be happy, content and at peace with ourselves and our life.

The inner work is needed BECAUSE we have been conditioned & trained to believe in things that have taken us away from Real peace & happiness, for a VERY longg time...

Thank you for being connected.

Thank you for your interest in Real Healing/ Real Growth and Real Happiness :)


Peace & Love from here 😊🌸



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