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Are You craving validation, acceptance or/and love from someone else?

We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for love, for validation, for our worth, for respect , for acceptance, for ourselves...

One of the first things one needs to GET when one is in the "growth/healing/awakening/self-development/self-love journey",

is that you cannot and will not receive that love, acceptance and validation from outside, from anyone else if you do not have it for yourself first.

You will not and cannot "get it" by wanting it from others nor pleasing others or doing anything to receive it from others (selling yourself, compromising your truth, being someone other than yourself).

No one can put the love and acceptance that is missing IN you , IN YOU . No one can come and feed it IN .

The love and acceptance that your inner being is craving has to be filled from WITHIN, it can only be filled from YOU. Your inner self, your inner child specially NEEDS YOUR LOVE , ATTENTION AND ACCEPTANCE.

The need and/or craving that you may feel is because you are in desperate need of YOUR OWN LOVE & ACCEPTANCE.

What happens when we are not aware about this, is that we are constantly craving, wanting or needing THAT love , acceptance, validation from others... Thus we develop unhealthy and dysfunctional behaviors to "get" the love, validation and acceptance that we feel we lack. And we believe that those behaviors are actually working for us to "get it", but it is not real.

We were trained to look outside of ourselves to "get" those things, to look outside of ourselves For ourselves... But you are not going to find yourself by going outwards and chasing illusions of happiness and success , you will end up feeling emptier and further from yourself.

I am sharing this today because of the amount of people I know - clients and non-clients - that want to heal and are entering into this field of being more conscious or connecting with their spiritual selves or growth etc... and they DO NOT KNOW THIS .

They are being misguided into "loving themselves and healing" through other means and distractions that are NOT Really helping, that are serving as band-aids which help to cover the wound for a while but it is not healing the wound.

For real transformation to happen we must go to the root, the cause, the deepest layers of our hurt and pain. And then HEAL.

The main problem is fear...

Fear of what you would see, what would you find, what would you feel??

IT IS OK to feel fear, it is normal that you feel fear about going deeper into your shadows... just as if you were going into a cave with no light...

Only that in this case, you are Safe. You are safe to go inwards and look, and feel... you are safe because it is YOU.

It is Your Heart, it is Your Soul, It is Your fear, it is Your HOME within... and there you will find your medicine, and there you will find exactly what you need.

There, underneath the fear, the pain and the darkness, you will find that Unconditional LOVE & Acceptance that you have been looking for outside...

We have been conditioned to fear ourselves, to fear our own power, to fear our own light. That is why there is such resistance to go INWARDS INTO OUR OWN SELVES...

I have met people who are afraid of their own dreams... Your dreams can serve you as teachers, your dreams and nightmares are coming from your subconscious, they are from you... They can give you so many insights into yourself if you use them with some understanding....

HOW are you going to know & love yourself if you are afraid of yourself?

Your WHOLE Self, your True self, it is an infinite journey within as long as you are alive...

I promise you that what they have made you believe that "you are and will always be" is NOT TRUE. You have so much more to discover and uncover in you...

What you have been taught about your potential is limited and reduced to being afraid of your own power, light, nature and freedom.

This is such crucial knowledge because IT WILL save your time and energy if you just have this information, even if you cannot grasp it or experience it right away...

It is a process, healing is a process, learning to love yourself unconditionally is a process... because we go inwards in layers...

It is something that takes time for you to really get it and experience it because of the amount of conditioning we have been given and that we have been carrying for sooo long, which says exactly the opposite to what is true and possible....

In Love,

In Gratitude



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