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Yoga & Hypnotherapy are independent from Religion

I recently came across a very interesting flyer from a certain church.

The writing was from a bishop who was talking about yoga, and how bad yoga was for you. That it tells you to get out of your mind. That if you practice yoga then you are going to become “a hindu” or “a buddhist” and you should only follow their church teachings.

My mouth was opened in amazement when I read it. A few seconds after, I remembered that we can find all kind of things in this world.

On another occasion, a client I had who practiced a certain religion told me that her previous psychologist, who practiced the same religion, told her that she shouldn’t do hypnotherapy because she will be digging in a place she is "not supposed to" (her own subconscious mind) and that was against their religion...

This statement is coming from a psychologist, a person who is supposed to help people to get into their minds and emotions to have a better understanding of the problem and help them to heal. But in that case, the psychologist was putting her religious beliefs before doing her job.

In this particular case, this client listened to her inner-self and searched for hypnotherapy because SHE wanted to try it regardless of her own religion.

In this case, she did what she thought it was right for her health, knowing that the fact that she was going to do hypnotherapy, did not mean that she was saying "NO" to her religion.

She did hypnotherapy, helped herself AND kept her religion.

"You are not supposed to dig into your own mind", you are not supposed to find your own answers within. So where do I find the answers? Do I have to believe everything my priest/teacher/guru/social media tells me?

What happens with the called free will? What happens with my own inner self? What happens with my own heart and mind?

The clarification of the misconception is, that the practice of Real Yoga and the professional treatment of hypnotherapy, among other healing modalities, have nothing to do with religion.

Do not think that by practicing these holistic activities you are going to change your religion. If you change your beliefs or religion is because you choose to.

What these practices do is to help you to be more mindful, healthier, to focus your mind, to be more of who you really are, to connect with your inner-self and to connect with LIFE (among MANY other benefits).

If the god you believe in is against that, then I can't say anything else to you.

And to ALL Humans out there, with or without a religion, a simple and gentle reminder:

We are ALL humans living on EARTH, no-matter what your beliefs are.

Why would your beliefs separate you from others who believe different things than you?

Is that “religious”, is that "love"? To separate yourself from other humans and other living things? To think you are right and “they” are wrong?

One thing I have heard in common from different religious beliefs and spirituality is that God is Love.

Do you know what Love is? Does that love include some humans but exclude some others? Why?

Do you realize that the problems of the world come from the thought of separation?

Humans focusing in all the differences we have and putting walls between one another in the name of god, in the name of our country, in the name of our gender, in the name of our race…

Separation will not bring PEACE.

The intention of REAL yoga practices and REAL Healers & Hypnotherapists is for you to be you. To remember your source. It is for you to be in harmony with yourself, with God/Universe and with Mother Earth.

It is to find PEACE within yourself because that is the only place where you can find it.

Copyright © Evy Y. Parkinson 2013-2019.

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