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Seduction can be used as a playful act between 2 consenting people.

Or it can be used with the intention of manipulation.

Some women have learnt to use their power of seduction as a way of getting what they want.

This is one of the ways we have learned to use our power. 

The thing is that it is not a healthy way to exercise our feminine power. Because what we are doing is manipulating or using someone (usually a man) to get what we want.

And one main underlying reason is a belief that we cannot get it any other way.

In the past we learnt to manipulate to get what we wanted because that was the best, maybe the fastest,  maybe the safest,  maybe the easiest way that we were able to get what we wanted or maybe we learnt to use it as a protection...

This comes from our collective wounds as women throughout history.

Today, we learn it from mainstream media, from some of the women we had around growing up and from some "celebrities "

Some women may choose to do it just because is an easy way to get what she wants.

The thing is that as a woman you are misusing your energy.

When we use our power to do that, we are sending the message that we do not respect men,  that we think they are weak and helpless when it comes to saying no to a seductive woman. - ((Yes, I have to make the note here, that yes, there are SOME men that are very weak when it comes to saying no to a seductive woman. But that is besides the point of what I am talking about here, and why I am writing this article. )) -

See, we feel powerful in the sense of feeling superior than them ... When we are in that position, we feel powerful, and that is where we can get lost. But the reason is because we can feel so dis-empowered in so many other areas of life in The World we have known....

The idea of Healing those past collective wounds is to recover our innate power without having to manipulate or harm anyone else. This is one way that we women can misuse our power. And so, misuse our vital energy.

That energy can be channeled into a much more positive behavior that will benefit you, the world, and those men (and everyone) around you, making a more positive and impactful change in the world so it stops making women feel so dis-empowered.

When we understand and change the behavior,  we are adding positive energy into the world.

And some of our powers are those of compassion,  nurturing,  intuition,  understanding,  and loving in a way that only we know how ...

Non of these powers are to be taken as being superior than men, or better than men, or more than men....

We are different,  we feel different,  we love different.  DIFFERENT IS NOT "BAD" different does not mean "superior or inferior ".

It is just different.

One flower is different to another and they are both beautiful in their own way, they are both complete and purposeful in their existence. Each one has their own fragrance and their own colors.

With that in mind, we as women can focus on our own healing and in our own self-education on how we can better connect with, and exercise our power in a healthy way that at the end will benefit not only You, but everyone around you and this world ...

**Check out the coming workshop for Women "Your Body's Hidden Power" if you are interested in learning more about how to reconnect,  recover and stand in your power in a healthy way... 


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