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Love Is Freedom

Real love is where you feel free to BE and express who you truly are. Where the whole of you feels welcome to be.

Love is watching a bird flying freely as he pleases.

Not keeping him in a cage for us to see and have there next to us as we please…

Love is not feeling obligated or possessed or owned by another.

It is feeling FREE to move, to be, to express, to grow.

Love allows you to GROW.

The love taught by society is not real. That “love” does NOT allow you to grow and to be free. Does not allow your Uniqueness to come out.

And only when you feel truly free to be your true authentic self is when you can be happy.

In relationships, specially romantic partnerships, but really in all types of partnerships. According to the way we were socially conditioned. There is a fear of allowing a person to be free.

The fear is, if I let the bird out of the cage then it will leave and I will never see him again…

If that is the case, then let the bird go. If the bird WANTS to be in your life, the bird will be in your life. But it will be in your life because it feels FREE TO CHOOSE TO BE THERE, and guess what, the bird is happy and free. Being who he really is, flying and moving and being his best self as he's growing and enjoying his FLY.

As that is just what a bird does… he flies..

What is a bird that is not allowed to fly???

Can you imagine the sadness ??

Can you see how he would be dying inside a little each day as is not doing what is meant to be doing. There is a reason they have wings, and they have beautiful colours.

One of the most beautiful things to watch is a bird flying freely, and a horse running free.

There is a beauty and aliveness in that…

That beauty is that they are being free to BE WHO THEY ARE. Who they came to be.

Use the metaphor for yourself first.

How free do you feel to be who you truly are?

How much and how often do you hold yourself down?

How much and how often do you suppress your heart’s callings?

How much and how often do you criticize and shot your own dreams down?

In what situations you don’t allow yourself to express your heart and what really matters to you?

When do you judge yourself for being the way you are?

Turn this love into yourself first.

Remember that the quality of love you give to yourself is the quality of love you will give to others.

Copyright © Evy Y. Parkinson


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