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I did not want to be a Woman

When I was a teenager I did not want to be a girl.

I wished I was a boy.

When I enter my teenage years, specially after getting my first period,

I honestly thought that being a girl was ssooooo much harder than being a boy.

I just thought boys had it simpler and easier....

Now I know that each gender has their own challenges and difficulties (specially when you are in your teens).

As I grew up I learned that I had to accept that I was born a woman , that I was not homosexual, that I was attracted to men and that I had to deal with (and heal) whatever issues I had about being a woman....

More than 10 years later... I am so passionate about working with women, helping women reconnect with their Woman within,

With their intuition, their feminine energy, their innate wisdom,

To embrace their Wholeness.

Helping them remember why they were born a woman & how to heal those Collective wounds that we all carry within us...

Because I had to do it for myself, and because I am in a constant journey of self-discovery and expansion.

Today, I have true admiration for women.

We are complex beings.

We feel so many things at the same time.

We have so much strength and wisdom inside.

I have learned to honor and respect the female nature.

We, women have to do this for ourselves first. We cannot demand it from men or others when we haven't done it ourselves FOR ourselves First.

We have rejected our feminine side, we have rejected our intuition. We even started to try to be more "like men" ...... What the F#%$^÷^@^@€&#?????!!!

When we try to be more "like men", we are betraying Our Nature ... it is a crime to Nature. We are nature, we come from Nature and we will go back to it when our body dies...

Men need to reconnect with THEIR Nature and they have their own challenges as Men ...

We Women, need to focus on our challenges, in our own self - rejection , understand better where is coming from, why is it there ?

Understand ourselves better as women, learn about our complexity, our strengths and weaknesses.



IT needs the awakening of the female, it needs the honoring and respect of the Female Nature.

Once we accept and understand our female nature better, we can also understand and learn how to use our masculine energy in a healthy way.

We, as Individuals, have both energies...

*** If you are interested in this subject please go ahead and book your complimentary call to find out more about how you can heal and how to reconnect with your inner-power Here




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