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A Message for The Season

Happy Season Everyone!

I know a lot of people are feeling exited about Christmas and others are feeling very stressed out because of all the work that it means for them. Regardless of what category you fall into, there is a lot of movement and excitement in the air. Maybe because of the gifts, maybe because of the food, maybe because of seeing family and friends... Maybe because of all of it! My message for you this season is: "Remember what is important to YOU. Reconnect to what really matters in this Life and appreciate it. Be grateful for that ONE real friend that you have (or 2 or 3...), or for the loving pets that you have, of for that supporting neighbor that you have, or for having your parents still alive.. for having a roof over your head and food, for having people that love you and accept you as you are. For having YOU. As long as you have you and your consciousness, you have the power to change anything in your life, to improve anything in yourself and your life... You have always had the power to do so. We, as conditioned beings have been made to believe that we have no power. You were trained to believe that you have no power to change anything, that you depend on someone else , always... That is not true. You were born a free individual and you were born with everything you need in you to have the life that is meant FOR YOU as YOUR Unique Self. When you change your life for better and heal, you inevitably affect the collective. Everything you do, every choice you make, has an effect in the collective energy. That is Part of YOUR POWER. BE Kind to Yourself, to your process, to your wounded parts... Be kind to other humans Be kind to animals Just Be Kind The World does not need more "competitive rat race succeeding "machines" The World and EARTH needs More Kindness More Love More Peace More Listening More Intuition Finally, I am wishing you a season full of Unconditional Love, Peace, Health and Joy with your closest people and/or animals. And, a coming year full of Growth, Healing and Transformation for a Higher Way Of Living. Love & Light, -Evy.

Copyright © Evy Y. Parkinson


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