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Embrace your Womanhood

We all know the history of humans and the history of society (at least some of it).

What is interesting at this point in time is the transition we are making as a collective. Things can’t be the same way anymore. Human consciousness is evolving, and it has to. It is natural.

At the same time, social structures and political systems that were useful at some point in time, are not working anymore. That is what change is all about, that is what learning and creating more effective ways to do something is about. You learn from your trials and the next time you do it better.

The world, its social structures, political systems, religious and educational systems are changing. Right now we are in the middle of the transition of one way of being to another way, as individuals and as a collective. We find ourselves in the middle of the hurricane. Lets just remember that after a storm… calm comes. After chaos… order comes, those are the growth cycles.

I can drift far away with this subject of where we are as a collective. But right now the main subject is the way women have changed in the history of society.

Women have changed in their roles, in their mentalities, in their way of expressing their emotions. Each one according to their culture, and also depending on the individual. Let’s remember we are unique individuals with specific strengths, weaknesses and choices.

Now, besides our uniqueness and individuality which is what gives flavor to the world. There is the collective unconscious of the female gender. This is an extended subject, but let me focus on one area for now.

It occurred to me, when I realized the subconscious, almost inevitable behaviour of my parents towards me. This unconscious behaviour of having to “protect me” or take care of me or feel like if I was this fragile little thing that was all alone in the world because I am not married (I don’t live with a man who will take care of me). Now, this is funny to see when you are conscious of your life, your choices and when you are happy with yourself no-matter what “society says” (the old society anyways).

My generation is right in the middle of the transition of the old to the new. We have our parents thinking in the way our grandparents thought and behaved. We are between those old ways and the new generations that already come with the ‘’new microchip’’.

Women in my generation (1983), and probably many others who are from older generations, may have been a little more confused because we have thought: “I have dreams, I have desires, I have ideas, I want to create, not ONLY babies but many other great and fulfilling ideas I have. We are ALL creators. We just create what we put our focus on.

In our collective unconscious, women carry a long history of suppression, repression, physical/emotional and mental abuse. We have been silenced, shamed, burnt alive for being “witches” (healers), we have been used and abused because we were thought to be “weak”. Even today there are still some called “civilizations” and cultures that do this to women.

Yes, we are in the middle of the transformation and transition. Today, my generation will not tolerate the same things past generations tolerated. We can’t make the same mistakes as our parents, that is the whole idea of learning and moving forward to a more conscious way of LIFE.

Even today in certain work and home environments women will keep their mouth shut and repress what they have to say and what they truly think. Part of this is because of a long social conditioning, another part can be from ‘’education’’, and the other huge part comes from the collective unconscious.

The message right here is. Women, no matter what your age is, no matter what your life looks like. SPEAK your MIND & MOST needed SPEAK your HEART. You don’t have to go and publish it in the media or make a YouTube video…

You, whomever you are, wherever you are, practice it each day in the simple moments, in your daily relationships, in your work, with your family, with your friends and most of all with yourself. Be honest and loving with yourself. Get in touch with your inner wisdom.

The female energy is intuitive, passive, sensitive, nurturer and patient by nature. We, as women in this time on the history of the planet need to get reconnected with this energy more than ever. We need to reconnect with Mother Earth, with our passivity, intuition and silence within. We are not here to compete or ‘’reach’’ somewhere in the top of something to feel fulfilled, that would be men’s collective unconscious and is theirs to transform it into something new and harmonious.

I was born a female, so I can only talk about my experience and the experience of women’s collective unconscious because I feel it.

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a boy because being a woman ‘’sucks’’. There were too many things females had to deal with - menstruation is one example -. What I meant was that being a woman was HARD. I used to think that being a boy was easier. Now, I understand that neither one is easy, both have their own challenges.

What I am saying with this example is that from my personal experience I spent a few years of my life rejecting that feminine side, and no I didn’t become homosexual or masculine. But I did reject it unconsciously like some other women I have met.

Society also affected me in the sense of having specific expectations of me because I was ‘’a pretty girl’’. There was a feeling of certain ‘obligation’ on being somehow, having to behave in a specific way, predetermined by society and if you did anything different from that, then you will be rejected and unloved.

After you learn, grow internally, and mature, you become a Whole Woman. This means accepting your femininity without shame, accepting your deep sensitivity and intuition without shame, connecting with your heart and expressing yourself from there. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Embrace your feminine energy and your connection to the EARTH.

The world needs it more than ever.

Copyright © Evy Y. Parkinson 2013-2016

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