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What or Whom Are You Waiting For?

Traveling, going to new places, interacting with different people from different cultures and views, living in different countries, experiencing the energy in each place, observing cultures and learning from them. All these things have given me an inexplicable amount of growth for my profession and personal life. More than half of what I am able to apply and actually help clients to make positive changes come from what I have learnt from those experiences. The other percentage comes from books, conventional studies and techniques.

Yes, it is important to learn from books and conventional studies, just remember to also learn from unconventional methods. You can’t keep your mind in a box and your heart locked down. You have to bring your intuition and unique experience to what you do. That is what gives an authentic quality to whatever you do.

Our hearts and spirits are free and want to experience and expand. More than half of the people I have met in my life have told me they want to travel, that they love to travel….

But…. there is always a but…

It seems that many people have that desire, and it makes sense when you see the amazing world we live in. I am talking mostly about the natural beauty. In the same way you meet beautiful people with beautiful hearts, with unique essence and unique stories…

These experiences have NO PRICE. These experiences are the ones you carry with you in your soul. You can find yourself one day with NO money, NO –THING in your hands, and you will feel rich, content and fulfilled. This is the inner-richness. Nothing can give you that but your inner-growth experiences, and for you to have growth you have to step out of your comfort zone, whatever that is for you.

I simply want to remind you, that this is your life, for you to live it as you want to, as how your heart wants. Not as your parents, society or anybody else tells you to. You can live the life of your dreams.

I am living the life of my dreams like some others I have met. And we have no special powers or have had an “easy” give away life. You have to work for it. I grew up in a small town in Venezuela. I have gone through many personal challenges throughout my life. I have fell down many times, and I have managed to become a Certified Therapist/Psychologist/Hypnotherapist, a writer, learning from travels and living in different countries as well as spending time with family and friends throughout my studies and beginnings of this career. They have all been dreams that I've had.

In order to experience those dreams, you have to take each life challenge as a lesson, take it and learn from them… After many years going through challenges and sometimes resisting them. You realize that the best thing you can do is to stop resisting and to FLOW with LIFE. You stop resisting and allow life to express through you, you work together with life and everything becomes better, simpler, flowing, and you get to enjoy the ride.

The ride is not all pink roses, there are ups and downs, there are hard and challenging times. We just don’t allow circumstances to destroy our dreams, we see and use those things as challenges and opportunities to grow into a better and stronger human being. We have all gone through painful and hard experiences, what makes the difference is how you choose to take them.

There is also a misconception that exists in the subconscious of a lot of humans. And that is that if you listen to your heart and truly do what YOU want and live the life of your dreams, then you are “SELFISH” (with a negative connotation). It is believed that you won’t be thinking about others or helping others because you are just doing the life of “your” dreams….

This is a very harmful and destructive belief for everyone who has it and for the planet. If you are truly living a honest happy life as you really wanted from your heart, you WILL share it with others. And what you will be sharing is that POSITIVE and AUTHENTIC energy that comes from inner-contentment and feeling happy with yourself. Anyone who has made real contributions to the planet has been because they followed their dreams. Martin Luther King Jr… is ONE example. Was he selfish?

I am living the life of my dreams and I am happy because I have worked for it, I am in an ongoing internal journey, I have sacrificed a lot of things and guess what? My profession is to help others in a mental, emotional & spiritual way so they can too find that inner-peace and start living a healthier, happier and more harmonious life.

If I wasn’t living my life in the way my heart tells me, enjoying each simple moment of the day, travelling and knowing new places when possible, taking care of my holistic health etc. What quality of service would I give to others? What kind of energy would I share with my family, friends and everyone I meet?

With the profession I have, I feel the pain of my clients. If I don’t take care of myself first, I will not be able to help half of the people I see. I would be consumed by the pain of others and I will end up either killing myself, quitting my career or being a mediocre therapist. Like me, many others in the professions of healing feel the pain of others. So we have to find our inner-strength and ways to BE happy, to live a happy life, and in that way to be able to bring REAL help to others.

Every person I have met that is truly happy with their lives and themselves, it has been because they had the courage to follow their dreams no-matter what and no-matter whom. They are always helping others in some way, it doesn’t matter what profession they have, they share their positive energy, their support, motivation, inspiration and love.

You have to make yourself happy first, before you can share that energy with anybody else. You have to learn to accept yourself to be able to accept others and feel real compassion. You have to learn to TAKE CARE of your needs (mentally-emotionally-physically-spiritually) before you can really take care of anyone else. You love and accept others to the extent you love and accept yourself.

This has been said over and over from different perspectives in many different ways, from different “masters” and “teachers” in the history of humanity. And even today, there is still that subconscious destructive belief, that if you love yourself, you are selfish and you won’t love others…

This is the most ridiculous belief I have come across so far. How are you going to love anyone if you do not love yourself? What KIND of love are you “giving” if you don’t even know how to love yourself? If you don’t accept yourself completely?

We are all connected, what you do to others you do to yourself, what you do to yourself you do to others. So if you REALLY care for others, you will carefully see how you treat yourself and what energy, intentions and actions are coming out of you.

There is another misunderstanding out there. There are some people giving everything to everybody else but they do not include themselves in that giving and that love.

Why? Why is everybody else deserving of love and happiness, except of you? Aren’t you as valuable as anyone else? Aren’t you ALSO a being on this planet just like the plants, animals and other humans with the right to exist? And who are you waiting for to give you that love and acceptance?

Now, I started with the subject of traveling because that is ONE of my passions and ONE of the dreams I have had, it is only one lifestyle example. This world is amazing, there are so many things you learn by experiencing going to NEW places. Your mind, brain and heart EXPAND (if you allow it to). You cannot get that anywhere else, that is why is priceless.

What I wanted to remind you of, is that you can also be happy and follow your heart if you want and if you have the courage to do it. It is YOUR life to live, however you want to create it.

This world needs more truly happy people, not more money driven people who slave their lives for labels, names, bank accounts or the illusion of power.

Yes, it is part of life to have certain amount of money in the world we live in so we can have a fulfilled and healthy life. Just remember it is only one part. Don’t make it the reason of your existence.

The most important thing is how you feel inside, your Holistic Health, your Wellbeing… That is the foundation of everything else in your life.

Copyright © Evy Y. Parkinson 2013-2016

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