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As a chapter is finished, another one begins...

As a chapter is finished, another one begins…

Because of my love and relationship with books, I see life as a book. When you look back at your life you can see the different chapters you have had along the way with all the different characters. Each chapter brings its own challenges and lessons as well as its own characters to experience them with.

Each chapter has a beginning and an end… In each chapter you have different characters that have different roles in your life and in your growth process. Different characters for specific experiences. Then you finish a chapter and some characters don’t appear in the next chapter, and some do…

Each chapter will bring the exact challenges, the exact characters and the exact tools you need to experience that part. When you look at the whole story so far, you see that everything fits perfectly…harmoniously.

Each chapter has a different length of pages and the exact amount of pages it needs to have.

Along the way, you realize that each chapter has a different intensity, neither one is more important than the other, each one is important on its own. Each one is part of that book. Thanks to each chapter you can have a whole story.

In the same way you hear “don’t judge the book by its cover”, I’d also say don’t judge a book by any one chapter you read, and even less by a line you read. You will never know the whole story, even if you are IN the story.

When you have been through a few chapters, you may have a feeling of the big picture of the book, have a sense of the whole… But you will never be able to figure out the end or even the beginning of the next chapter…It is uncertain.

Every time a chapter in your life comes to an end, there may be sadness and sometimes deep pain. It happens because we are saying good bye to things that were familiar to us. We are moving from our comfort zone and there is a feeling of loss mixed with fear for what the next chapter will be.

If we are aware of these feelings, accept them as part of life and understand them, the transition between chapters can be a joyful one or at least a peaceful one. If you put no resistance to the change, there will be peace. In the other hand if you resist it, fight it and suppress the emotions you are feeling, there will be a lot of suffering.

By embracing your emotions and going with the flow of life, you can write a beautiful story which you can be proud of and feel happy about.

To me, the best books are the ones you cannot figure out. The ones that surprise you in each chapter!

In the same way, the best things in life are the ones you don’t plan.

Appreciate the unfolding of your story with its ups and downs. It is all part of the book!

Copyright ©2015 by Evy Y. Parkinson

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