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Mindful Morning at the Beach in Tobago, W.I

Our Mindful Morning on the Beach under heavy rain - for an extra challenge of staying focused and centered while doing Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation -

The unpredictable rain gave us the challenge to keep going in spite of the uncomfortable feeling of wet sand on our skin, water on our face and getting cold.

We kept going and then finished the morning under the shelter of a diving shop nearby - Thank you Extra Divers Tobago at Grafton Beach - with a limited space but enough to successfully finish what we started!!

The invaluable lesson of it, was the acceptance of what it was as it was while focusing our minds on doing challenging poses. When facing these kind of situations you realize that you can push forward through challenges as you accept and surrender to what is.

A reminder that if you truly love something, you will find the way; the only thing stopping you is your own mind.

Overall, it was a great experience thanks to Nature and you guys!!

We enjoyed your company, your willingness and enthusiasm to keep going in spite of the unpredictable!!

Thank you!!

Beautiful sun before the rain started :)

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