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The Power of the Individual's Choice

The unbalance and disharmony on the planet is obvious.

Half of the planet is dying of hunger and the other half is dying or sick because of overweight issues – this is just one example-.

It is very difficult to do something about this by focusing on the bigger scale, expecting that governments and millionaires take care of the unbalance, when we are unbalanced ourselves.

Another example is war. By focusing on the bigger scale and complaining and fighting against war is just difficult to change that situation. This is something that has been built by the sum of individuals. You make a whole and a collective consciousness with the sum of many individuals.

If Hitler didn't have all the number of “individuals” listening to him and following his ideas, nothing could have happen.

The power of the individual’s choice has been overlooked and ignored. We, as individuals need to look at our own lives if we really want to change “that bigger picture” we see in the world today. Look at your personal war with neighbours, family, people around you, look at the disharmony in your own life. Are you overweight or are you starving yourself so you can be skinny? Are you fighting with a member of your family? If you don’t have a harmonious relationship with your own family members and people around you, how can you even expect or demand that world and nations stop fighting? It makes no sense.

The sum of individuals’ energy and harmony or disharmony is what is creating the collective world where we live in.

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