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The Phoenix

We all go through hard times in life when we feel as if the world is falling apart…or as if we are falling apart, almost like we are dying. We feel that we cannot keep going or we cannot get up. But these “hard times” bring great possibilities for growth and transformation. If we take these experiences as opportunities to make real changes, we will get up stronger and with a whole different view of life.

As the phoenix, from the ashes, from destruction, you build up a new, healthier and stronger self ready for new and greater experiences.

Personally, I have always been attracted to the mythology of the Phoenix. I have seen my life that way and I have experienced it in each great challenge I have had. I see it as a death each time. Parts of your self die, old patterns die; leaving space for new ways, for new and more fulfilling experiences…Each time is for better, for a different level of consciousness, for a greater awareness of yourself and the world around you.

You can also associate it to the way the caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly. That is one amazing example you can see happening in nature. And we can see it as a metaphor for our own transformation.

We need to start seeing these hard times as challenges, as opportunities to grow. Do not run from them, do not run from your feelings, that will not help at all - the emotions that are repressed or run from will come back in the most inconvenient and ugliest ways - We need to use these challenges to support ourselves and be our best friends while they are happening…as if you are holding your own hand. In this way we will learn to love ourselves more and become more positive about ourselves and our lives.

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