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What are your Wishes for 2024?

As we enter the last month of 2023, it is very healthy and useful to take some time to reflect on your last year of life.

It is helpful, constructive and Healthy to take some time to look back at your personal challenges and your personal accomplishments.

How have you changed for better, how have you grown?

What things have you healed?

How much better you know yourself and love yourself now?

It is also a time to see if there is anything that you do not want to carry with you to the next year...

To observe any patterns of behavior, thoughts, relationship dynamics, activities, destructive or negative habits... that you are really tired of having or doing and you really want to let those go and change for better and healthier...

When you take this time to reflect with yourself and feel... To be grateful for what you have right now and to be hopeful for the year that is coming... You can set your intentions and wishes for next year in a much better place within yourself. You can do it with a much healthier and lighter energy.

There is always hope and possibility for change. ALWAYS.

As long as you are alive in that body, you have an opportunity to start over, over and over again.

To change for better, to improve, to love and accept yourself more, to Heal, to Grow, to move forward, to stop recreating an unhealthy past and Create a New Healthier, more Loving, Peaceful and Abundant Future.

When you take this time for Yourself, it is helpful to write down all the things you are grateful for that happened this year, and then write down your personal wishes for 2024...

Most of us want Peace on the planet, we know that.

But you have to start with making peace with yourself, your life and the people that you have in your life.

So, if you are one of those humans who Want Peace on Earth, maybe set the intention for this new year to make, bring or create more peace in your life, with yourself, your family and those around you.

Let go of resentments and past hurts...(this is part of Healing). When we hold on to those things, those things start to poison our hearts, and as a consequence they start affecting our physical body... It is all connected in our organism - our body, our mind, our emotions...-

IT begins with you, with each one of us, with the individual.

That is why I say to focus on your personal wishes as well, bring your attention to want you want to create and improve in yourself and your life as well. Not only what you want to see in the world or in the "outside".

Remember, the collective is made out of INDIVIDUALS.

And now My wishes for you .... :)


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