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Birth Month

Birth Day is a reminder of what day we were born and is a count of the number of years we have been on this life.

We celebrate, we feel happy and sometimes we feel depressed if we realize that we haven’t done many things we thought we were going to do by that “age number”. Specially if we pay attention to social conditioning which condemns individuality and different; and creates common, normal, same, boring copies of lifestyles.

What I have learned in all my years in this life about celebration is that we must celebrate each day. We must remember to celebrate something in our day, each day we are here. Simple things each day. The fact that I get up out of bed and I can look at the beautiful blue sky. The fact that I can walk to the beach and be around nature where I am living right now, it is a reason for celebration.

The other misconception in social conditioning is the meaning of the word celebration. When we talk about celebration, some people would think about drinking alcohol, partying, getting drunk, some other people would think about having cake, some others would think about getting in costumes and have their own carnival, I don’t know. Whatever else people think of celebration, I don’t know how else people would celebrate. The important thing is that I know how I like to celebrate and that is the job of each individual, to know how they would like to celebrate their day.

So when I talk about celebrating each day, I am not talking about drinking alcohol or eating cake. If it was about celebrating that way each day, then we will all be alcoholics and suffer from obesity and a very bad health.

I am talking about the feeling. The feeling of gratitude and inner contentment for that day that you are alive and maybe do something you enjoy, being mindful of it. It could simply be to lie down on the grass and read. Do something that is good for your well-being, for your inner-child, something simple that gives you joy. Life is made out of simple moments.

Anyhow. I am a big fan of celebration. Celebrate your birthday, celebrate that is Friday, celebrate that is the beginning or the middle of the month, celebrate that is Tuesday, celebrate that you are eating an ice-cream after so longggg, celebrate that you created a new dish, celebrate that you wrote an article, celebrate that you have one real friend, celebrate that you have a brother, that you have your parents alive, celebrate lying down with your 2 beautiful cats or dogs just feeling the love and aliveness of that moment. Celebrate just because!!

And for my birth day. I’d like to call it my birth month!! And I celebrate all my friend’s birthdays of that month - you know who you are if you are reading -. I am celebrating it privately, with myself, with loved ones, with my pets, with the trees, with the ocean, in silence, in movement and in stillness…

The actual birth day is a good day to have as a reference I guess. You can have an idea of how many years you have lived and all the things you have learnt and experienced in your life, and have an idea of what else you want to experience in the coming year/s. The interesting part is that the number of your age does not imply maturity, does not imply growth, does not imply experience.

Growth is a choice. Learning from life is a conscious choice. Knowing yourself is conscious work. There are many people with a “big age number” who do not know themselves and have an emotional maturity of a 6 or a 12 yr old. This is the creation of social conditioning.

When you step out of social conditioning, you can actually start seeing yourself for who you really are and live your authentic life however you want according to your unique characteristics, according to your free will. That is when you actually exercise your Power of Choice. When you are no longer ruled by age numbers, labels, social positions, bank account numbers, last names, social status, appearances, acceptable behavior according to the media and social and religious conditioning.

From my view, there is no worse place to be than “thinking you are free to choose when you are being completely controlled by others”

Happy September to Everyone!!! Let’s celebrate LIFE now and each day we are here.

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