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Mindful Eating Program. Barcelona 2016

This was the first Mindful Eating Program done together with another therapist. Mariana, a Naturopath, owner of NATUROTECA, Barcelona.

The Program which is based on the Mindful Eating E-book, is originally a 1 month program for greater results.

However, we decided to do an Intensive this time. We had the challenge to summarize it in 2 sessions. There is a lot of information concise in 2 sessions, 8Hrs total.

Intensives are very constructive for some people. For others is better to do it in a longer period of time to allow settling and to have more support in the process of change. That is why we have the two options.

- Next Workshop will be this Summer/Fall in the Caribbean, Tobago W.I. - Stay connected for updates and details -

I want to thank Naturoteca, and the participants who made this possible. THANK YOU.

Here we have some feedback :)

“I felt very good, connected, listened to and respected. I would recommend this workshop to 90% of people so they learn how to be aware and mindful of everything a little more. These days have been a gift to me. Thank you” – Laura Diebold - Yoga student.

“Very interesting, nutritious, objective, constructive and it helps to focus your mind” - Mariana Nunez - Naturopath

“Very Beneficial. I felt relaxed and receptive. Thank you” – Anna Nasonova

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