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It is great to have you here.


This is a growing community of people who are either interested in learning more about Healing and/or Self-knowledge, or/and are intentionally walking towards a more Conscious, Happier and Healthier LIFE for themselves and the World!


I am happy to be connected with YOU.

Go ahead and explore the page! 

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Evy Y. Parkinson


Master in Clinical Hypnotherapy,  BSc in Psychology, EFT Practitioner, Tai Chi and Qigong practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, Assistant Certificate in Shiatsu.

Welcome to this space which has been created for you to find the change and healing you have been looking for.

My purpose here, is to help as many people as possible to heal and to be able to live a healthier and happier life in the most natural way possible.

The best way I can describe what I do as a Therapist/Healer/Workshop Facilitator is that I Help you to:

Create Your OWN Physical & Spiritual Harmony by Reconnecting, Remembering, Uncovering & FREEING WHO You Truly ARE.


I am also an activist when it comes to raising Consciousness and Awareness about the way we treat our Planet and each other.

- Earth is our HOME. Home to ALL living things -

My first book is "Mindful Eating - Connect with your Body Through Awareness - "  You can get a FREE Copy HERE.

The philosophy of Harmoniousinfinity, is to find and maintain a harmonious balance between the physical and non-physical aspects of our life. As our mental, emotional and physical sides are all connected, they affect each other.

Therapeutic Techniques

Hypnotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis is used to resolve or treat various mental and emotional issues by finding the ROOT of the problem.

By reaching the subconscious mind is possible to find the cause of the problems as well as reprogram your mind in order to make positive changes.

Parts Therapy is a therapy done in the hypnotic state where we connect and communicate with different and fragmented parts of ourselves with the purpose of reconciliation and integration.

These "parts" are usually in conflict with each other and they cause us to behave in ways that we do not understand.

These parts need to be brought into harmony with deep work of forgiveness and understanding. 

When we start bringing these parts into harmony and reconciliation, we start feeling more integrated, more whole and more connected.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is similar to acupuncture, only that with EFT we do not use needles.  It is like acupuncture in the sense that we work by tapping on specific pressure points in the body, based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
By tapping on these spots (Meridian points) you are assisted on releasing emotions that may have been blocking the flow of energy throughout your body.
The first thing you do is identify the emotion that has been affecting you; then you will start tapping on the specific points while focusing on the emotion.  It is really important to focus and feel the emotion for it to be effective.

Mindfulness & Guided Meditation

When we practice Mindfulness, we practice Self-Awareness and Presence.

This practice is crucial for the healing process as we need to be present in our bodies to be able to feel what we are feeling and to listen to our thoughts.  In this way we can identify what exactly needs to be let go of before we can start welcoming new & healthier feelings, thoughts and energy.

Mindfulness is part of  every treatment I create and I also offer it as a class  (groups & private) for those who want to learn more and include it in their daily self-care practice.


The most important part of Psychotherapy is LISTENING.
One of the best ways I have found I can assist my clients is to listen and allow them to be and express themselves in a safe, non-judgemental and trusting environment.
When this is facilitated, then I can know what they really need.

Parts Therapy

Step into the fire of Self-discovery.
This fire will not burn you, It will only burn what your are not - Mooji -

Courses & Classes

Classes and Workshops are all created form a Holistic Perspective just as the individual sessions.

For us to really find integration and true positive lasting change in ourselves and in our lives, we need to take care of our WHOLE BEING

Mindful Eating Personalized

The most Complete and Comprehensive Mindful Eating Programe you will find. 


Provided LIVE directly with Evy Y. Parkinson, the therapist and creator of the program.

It is based on the Mindful Eating E-book and INCLUDES:

- Hypnotherapy Sessions to REALLY change those LIMITING BELIEFS.


- My unique Mindfulness Class - Influenced by Tai Chi & Qigong -

which has the perfect combination of Mindfulness, Qigong and Yoga exercises.






- LET GO OF GUILT about what you eat or don't eat.






- Last edition of the Mindful Eating E-BOOK.


- SIMPLE and fast cooking tips.


- Mindfulness Practice and Guided Meditations.

8 weeks intensive

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Group Program!

Mind.Body Training Class
An Unique combination of Tai Chi, Qigong & Yoga Exercises done Mindfully

Classes offered LIVE @Zoom and in person.


"In this class you will learn the principles of Mindfulness and how to apply it in your daily life.

We also practice Mindful movements that are designed to cultivate and move your Life Force (Qi) throughout your body.  These exercises help you to release stress and anxiety, support your Immune System and your Mind.Body.Soul Health”

We Train Our MIND & OUR BODY

Evy has completed certificates in Tai Chi & Qigong from The Tai Chi  Institute of Trinidad and Tobago.  And she has been practicing this Martial Art as well as Mindfulness for over 10 years

"I look forward to my mindfulness class, it is a chance to ‘connect’ with myself & devote that time to me something I find hard to do on my own.

With Evy’s expert guidance I leave the class relaxed, mindful & ready for the day ahead"

Sarah Eckhert,
Artist & Event Manager from London, UK


"Mindfulness - don't we all need that in our everyday life?

Above all, the mindfulness of yourself often gets lost. With the mindfulness lesson, Evy shows you many different exercises to get to know yourself and your body better.


It is primarily about the balance between perception of the body and physical movement of the body.

I enjoy it!"

Theresa Khun

School Teacher from Germany

Mindful Eating Program

Who looks outside dreams.  Who looks inside, AWAKES - Carl Jung


Carmen Danzer, Germany

I had some physical and mental problems, and I took the chance to have a few sessions with therapist Evy Parkinson. The work went very deep and every time after the session I felt facilitated, light and happy.

Without pushing, Evy was guiding me to that inside point, where I could perceive, feel, accept and release the root of my problem.

I always felt in professional and loving hands.

Charmian Almandoz, Trinidad & Tobago

"A refreshing approach to weight management.Mind over matter is the key.Within the 8 weeks plus no diet, 10 lbs lost! "

Simone DaCosta, Trinidad

I went into my sessions with Evy without much expectation. I was open to whatever she had to provide based on her impressive variety of experience and training.


What I found was an experience of depth from the very first session.

I gained clarity and information from the first session around topics in my life that I didn't even expect to explore. I am more aware of some of the deeper roots to some of my patterns and the active changes I can make in day to day life.


I highly recommend Evy's sessions. 

- Mind Body Psychotherapist

Jose Zelada, Qatar

Pase varios años haciendo terapia con Evy Parkinson. Estos años no fueron únicamente de un tratamiento o arreglar mi mente, ella en verdad fue también una guía para mí crecimiento espiritual y ser una mejor persona. 


I spent several years doing therapy with Evy Parkinson. These years were not only about treatment or fixing my mind, she was also a guide for my spiritual growth and being a better person.

Thanks Evy!

Andrew R. Kerr, Canada

The Mindful Eating Program did for me exactly what it promised to do, which was to make me think about what I was eating and why I ate what I did, when I did. That focus has enabled me to make changes for the better.
Evy is extremely dedicated and sincere in her desire to help her clients improve their physical and mental well-being.
The program covered a lot of ground in seeking out the root causes of poor eating
habits and I learned techniques for relaxation and getting to sleep which have been very helpful.
I would recommend this program to anyone.

- Lawyer


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