Treatments and Clases

All treatments are customized for your unique needs in person or online

-English or Spanish -


In Person Sessions

In Tobago:
At Kariwak Village
Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point.

In Trinidad (Seasonal)
At Dawn's Clinic21 Strathaven Ave. La Horquette Rd.Glencoe, POSOffice: 1 (868) 632 3296

Mental & Emotional Healing

One on One Session - In person and ONLINE

You can be assisted, helped and supported with any issue or problem you may have in your life.

Such as, anxiety - depression - addictions - negative habits - lack of self-esteem and confidence - sleeping problems - confusion - unhealthy lifestyle - indecision - overthinking - childhood traumas - fears... 

Self Knowledge & Self Love

One on One Session - In person and ONLINE

Involves: Uncovering your Authentic Self | Let Go of Limiting Beliefs | Reinforcing Healthy Self-esteem | Creating a Harmonious Life | Self-Care & Self-Love Habits | Connecting with your Inner-Self | Spiritual Guidance

Online Sessions require signed consent form before session

Hourly Rate USD95.00

Special discounts will be considered depending on the specific case,

after the free phone consultation


Program Rate USD45.00

3 Sessions Package - Online

Pay for 3 online sessions in advance and receive

10% OFF

Online Session Resources

ALL clients for ONLINE sessions must present a signed consent form.

Download Consent Form below

Mindful Eating Group Program

Seasonal 2 Months Course based on my E-book.
Total of 8 classes - once per week

Minimum of 4 ppl per class.

Available in person OR online


Mindfulness Classes

-Influenced by Tai Chi & Qi Gong -

Classes offered ONLINE and in person.

"In this class you will learn the principles of Mindfulness and how to apply it in your daily life.

We also practice Mindful movements that are designed to cultivate and move your Life Force (Qi) throughout your body.  These exercises help you to release stress and anxiety, support your Immune System and your Overall Health”

We Train BODY & MIND


Available 1 on 1 Sessions


​2 to 4 People

ALL Levels | Up to 55 minutes


Mindful Eating Personalized Program

One on one customized classes for your unique needs and condition

Over 12 hours of professional attention to support you in your personal goals and to build new and healthier habits for your overall well-being

Total of 8 classes

One Class per week
Duration of Classes: 1 to 2 Hours

Rates depend on location and number of participants


Program Rate USD200.00 per person

One on One USD45

Program Rate USD580.00


Customized Self-hypnosis AUDIO

T&T Nationals can make a simple online transfer to
a Scotiabank Account
at least 24Hrs before the Booked Session.

       These therapies are not a replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment or services.  


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