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Each one of these services are customized from a holistic perspective with the intention of improving Physical Health, Emotional Well-being,  Mental Health & Connection with Mother Earth


1 - 1 Healing Packages
Available Online

In this section you will find

Inner-child Healing,

and 3 Sessions Package designed to help you overcome any current challenging situation or struggle you might have.


The package includes Hypnotherapy session, Holistic Counseling, Self-Hypnosis Audio. for you to KEEP & 10% OFF.


Customized Eco-Therapy for Groups

Eco-therapy is a formal type of therapeutic treatment which involves doing outdoor activities & practices in Nature.

We use Nature's Healing energy as a support for our Healing, Well-being and Mental Health while we practice activities such as Mindfulness, walking, Yoga, Qigong, grounding and some others...

Ideal for families

or institutions that wish to book a group Session for their staff members or students,

couples, friends...

Groups between 2 - 5


Customize YOUR Class or Retreat
Local & International

FREE Assessment is Included

Do you have a group of friends or co-workers who want a customized class or retreat just for you?

Do you need some time to Recharge your energy and Reconnect?

Eat healthy & organic food, practice Mindfulness, Yoga, Qigong,

get a massage, swim, hike, relax...

And end up feeling Renewed, Rested & Rejuvenated...

You can choose any combination of activities for YOUR RETREAT.


Get a Private Mindfulness, Yoga & Qigong Mix class.

Retreats: 1, 2 or 3 days

Customized Class 

between 4 - 8 people

To receive your free assessment and a quotation for your RETREAT, please send the following information:

- Age range of the group

- If it is an all women group, all men group or a mix

- Reason/s for wanting the retreat. 

- If you have any previous experience of practicing yoga, mindfulness, Tai Chi or Qigong.

- Are you interested in 1, 2 or 3 days retreat?

- Would you like to include local fresh food in your retreat?

- Is there any food allergies?

- Would you like to include a massage?

- Do you have any special requests?

- Do you need help finding an accommodation or you have your own?

- How many people will be participating in the retreat?

From 4 people to 8 people

NEW Service
Inner-child Healing mini-training
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Mindful Eating Group Program

JUNE 2023



Inner-Child Healing.

90 min.


This 90 min. session is designed as a "mini-training" to help you to connect with your inner-child and learn how to communicate with it with the purpose of healing any old wounds that are holding you back.

In this session you will:

- Be guided to experience that connection and communication.
- Learn tools on HOW to keep doing it for yourself.
- Get the recording of the session so you can go back to it and remember the tools

Healing the Inner-child is a process just like general healing is.  It is like an onion which you keep pealing to get closer to your center and your Truest Self.


Bitcoin, Cardano and Ethereum payments

Program Rate USD45.00

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Mindful Eating Program

Mindful Eating


100% Remote

LIVE Sessions Every Saturday for 8 Weeks

Including 3 Hypnotherapy Sessions, One Qigong & Yoga Class, & a Self-hypnosis Audio for you to KEEP...

Find out what else is Included by Downloading the PDF

Program Rate USD220.00 per person

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T&T Nationals can make a simple online transfer to
a Scotiabank Account
at least 24Hrs before the Booked Session.
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