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New E-book Edition

Free Weight Loss Subliminal

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Free Self-Hypnosis Programming

to let go of stress, worries & anxiety

Take your time and space to do this deep relaxation as a meditation

It will help you to release stress and anxiety and to bring you in contact with your inner-peace and to the present.

You can do it as many times as you want.  The more you do it, the more it will help you.

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Personalized Sessions

T & T Nationals: Online: 400tt | In person: 580tt - Per hour -

International: 95 us$




Personalized Mindful Eating - Online Program

- 2 months / 1 class per week -

Duration of classes: 1 to 2hrs

Download Program's Layout

T&T Nationals: 2,800tt

International: 600 us$

Ask for In-person options, prices and availability


**You have the option of paying in 2 parts**

International payments:


Make 50% Down Payment


3 Sessions Package - Online
3 Online Sessions paid in advance
10% discount

Make full Payment

Customized Self-hypnosis Recording for existing clients
T&T Nationals can make a simple online transfer to
a Scotiabank Account
at least 24Hrs before the Booked Session.