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Based on the e-book:
Mindful Eating
- Connect with Your Body Through Awareness -

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“Mindful Eating is not about dieting.  Yet it is very much about diet.   What we choose to eat, how we eat it, and why those choices play such a big part in how we look, how we feel, how we think of or see ourselves.  Everything is connected.

In Mindful Eating, Evy Parkinson pulls together aspects of her many years of training in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique and her personal practice of mindfulness and Tai Chi to create an understandable approach to healthy thinking and eating that we can all relate to.    Even if most of the time, healthy eating is a subject we prefer to ignore."

- Dawn Glaisher


The Tai Chi Institute of Trinidad and Tobago

Why would I want to do the course?
  • Because I don't like diets and I am tiered of the "weight struggle".

  • Because I want to feel more comfortable, better and happier in my body.

  • Because I want to eat what I feel to eat FREE of GUILT.

  • Because I want to feel healthier and with more energy.

  • Because I feel some insecurities about my body.

  • Because I tend to fall into emotional eating.

  • Because I want to have a better connection and communication with my body to feed it with what it really needs.

  • Because I want to learn self-help tools to MAINTAIN my healthy & unique body.

  • Because I want to learn how to treat and how to take care of my unique body with Awareness & Kindness.

  • Because I want to create a REAL Self-esteem, which is independent from externals.

Each SATURDAY. 12.00 p.m (AST)
from October 2nd to November 20th, 2021
Before September 2nd: 180$
From the 3rd to the 30th of September: 220$



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BETWEEN THE 3rd and the 30th of SEPTEMBER: 1,500 TT$