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"I look forward to my mindfulness class, it is a chance to ‘connect’ with myself & devote that time to me something I find hard to do on my own.

With Evy’s expert guidance I leave the class relaxed, mindful & ready for the day ahead"


Sarah Ekhert

Artist & Event Manager from UK

"Mindfulness - don't we all need that in our everyday life? Above all, the mindfulness of yourself often gets lost.

With the mindfulness lesson, Evy shows you many different exercises to get to know yourself and your body better.


It is primarily about the balance between perception of the body and physical movement of the body.

I enjoy it!"


Theresa Khun

School Teacher from Germany

“Evy’s classes have been a refreshing reminder of how to stay present. It is only in stillness that we are truly free”

Stephanie Minty

Speech Therapist from USA

"This class is lifting me up and keeping me strong"

Carmen Danzer from Germany

(72 years old)

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